Thai PBS and the World Bank discussed collaborations on content creation

On February, 7th, 2024, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wilasinee Phiphitkul, Director General of Thai PBS, led a team of executives from Thai PBS to visit the World Bank in Thailand, including Mr. Thepchai Yong, an Advisor to the Director General for Thai PBS World and news integration, Mr. Somyot Kiat-aramkul, Deputy Director General of Thai PBS in charge of Content Creation and Integration, Mr. Natthapong Jaruwannapong, a Strategy and Planning for Sustainability Specialized Expert, and Ms. Ruthai Thamsattha, Head of Strategy and International Relations (Thai PBS World).

The group met with the World Bank to discuss collaboration strategies in content production, attended by Dr. Lakshman Atthaphich, advisor to the World Bank, Mr. Kwanpat Sutthithamkij, a senior World Bank officer responsible for Thailand, Ms. Kanisatha Kongrakkiat Yos, a senior communications officer for Thailand, and Ms. Piyathida Poonprasit, a World Bank officer, participated in the meeting.
The World Bank is an international organization that conducts economic and development research aimed at improving the quality of life. It could be a great source of valuable information that could be disseminated to the public through a medium like Thai PBS, an easily accessible and widely viewed public media channel. Initial discussions have outlined collaborative content production strategies, such as‘Think², a TV program analyzing trends in the Thai and international economy and public policy, as well as organizing various activities initiated by Thai PBS to drive solutions for society, such as Hack Thailand or Policy Watch.