Thai PBS Distributes Hygienic Mask and Educates in PM 2.5 To People

Thai PBS cooperated with Thai PBS Foundation to enlighten on the impact of PM 2.5 and how to protect themselves from the PM 2.5 and distribute more 8,000 hygienic masks to the neighborhood.

On 21-24 January 2020, Thai PBS and Thai PBS foundation led by the reporters and hosts to raise people’s awareness and distribute hygienic masks supported by Thai PBS Foundation. Many areas in Bangkok were troubled by PM 2.5 which dangerously exceeds the safe level. The areas they distributed the hygienic mask were motorcycle taxi stands, 3 schools in 3 communities (Khehatoongsonghongwithaya1 School, LakSi Temple Scool, Bang Khen Wai Sali Anuson School), police station, Assistant City Law Enforcement Officers, and street cleaners.