Children & Youth

One feature that distinguishes Thai PBS from other broadcasting services in Thailand is its programs for youth and family. Thai PBS keeps producing high-quality kids programs as well as importing world-renowned TV productions for children, such as Sesame Street. To pursue its mission of creating a society of cultivation and integrity, the Organization takes as its priority the role of providing the young generation with great knowledge and entertainment.

Kids Club

Kids Club is a fun forum for children to express their creativity and talents, while learning by doing and playing. They also learn about language through songs. Let all family members join us and have fun together every weekend.


SornSilp is a variety visual art show presenting multi method of art learning, ranging from Painting, Sculpting, printing and mixed media. Crafts are demonstrated in new creative ways. The program also offers art news and activities for the audiences to join. Having pleasure in learning arts are the programs objectives.

Little Scientist’s House

‘Little Scientist’s House’ is a science show for elementary school audiences. The program encourages learning by combining animation and experimentation. Children are inspired by learning new invention through a scientific procedure and self-experiment which leads them to practice logical thinking, asking questions while exercising their creativity and imagination to be innovative.

Pots & Pans (Mor-Khao Mor-Gang)

The program invites you to experience the Thai local wisdom in cuisine. Hosted by 3 children, let’s cook creatively and together learn about stories behind a wide variety of dishes. Excitedly, they search for ingredients and touch so many lives from different angles and ways of living.