Thai PBS World Forum discusses AI impact on media

On November 28th, 2023, Thai PBS World, the English-language news service of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), hosted a regional forum on artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of newsroom that discussed how technology is impacting the future direction of the media industry.

The forum, “AI and the Future of Newsroom”, was held in collaboration with Techsauce, the National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation (TDRI), and Songsue and was inaugurated with a keynote speech by Dr. Somkiat Tangkichvanich, Director of TDRI.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wilasinee Phiphitkul, Director General of Thai PBS, emphasized that the objective of the forum was to foster knowledge exchange and prepare for the evolving media landscape, particularly focusing on the integration of innovative artificial intelligence technology in mass media. In the face of these changes, the media industry, including public broadcasters like Thai PBS, face the challenge of adapting and incorporating technology into their existing practices, while upholding ethical standards.

She said such adaptation is crucial to maintain the core values that resonate with the public and to meet the evolving demands of audiences.



The event showcased AI applications in media production from leading Asian media organizations, including Japan’s NHK, South Korea’s KBS, and China’s CGTN, highlighting the use of cutting-edge technology. The forum also featured panel discussions on topics such as AI's role in the future of newsrooms and its impact on Thai media. Complementing these discussions was an exhibition showcasing the latest AI innovations from Thai tech companies, demonstrating how these advancements could revolutionize news production and signal a transformative change in the industry.

The forum was the second of a series of annual regional events held by Thai PBS World since 2022 to discuss issues and challenges facing the media industry.