Milestones and Awards

Since its foundation in 2008, Thai PBS has endeavored to establish itself as a trustworthy broadcaster by the public and for the public. Its endeavor has well been recognized and applauded. Every year, Thai PBS receives a great deal of awards and honors from accredited institutions. The awards are given for the station’s quality programs in diverse genres as well as to its skillful professionals who keep delivering great work. Even though Thai PBS has been on air for only nine years, it has already won a string of awards and recognition from many accredited institutions. The awards were given for its in-depth news reporting and quality programs of diverse genres.

One of Thai PBS’s biggest strengths is its news content, especially its investigative news programs that continuously expose corruption, abuses of power and exploitations of national resources. Thai PBS journalists courageously take on these issues which are often ignored by other mainstream media and, through their relentless professional reporting, are able to bring them to the attention of authorities concerned. Many of the cases have resulted in initially punishments of alleged wrong-doers or investigation by authorities concerned.

The most prestigious award won by Thai PBS is the Sangchai Sunthornwat Award which is given out annually by the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association to news reports that have strong impact on the society. Thai PBS has received the Sangchai Sunthornwat Award consecutively from 2010 to present in the investigative news reports category. The award-winning piece for 2017 is praised for its thorough and bold investigation into illegal conducts against wild gibbons in Koh Samui, Surat Thani. The offenders were finally arrested and pressed charges.

Apart from news, other Thai PBS programs, including those on culture, children and youth, education and dramas have received the Golden Television Awards for their creativity and for promoting family and social values. The Golden Television Awards are considered Thailand’s top awards for television productions.

Thai PBS has also gained recognition for serving as a platform for people with disabilities to reflect their points of views. In 2009, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security presented Thai PBS with an award for the program “Let’s Give a Hand” which was produced by people with handicaps. Thai PBS has set as a policy to support production by marginalized sectors of the society.