Thai PBS was awarded ‘Best Universal-Designed Website standardized by WCAG’


Recently (29 MAY 2023) Mr. Anupong Chaiyariti – Thai PBS Deputy Director General overseeing Broadcasting Technology together with Ms. Kanokporn Prasitpol - Director of the Digital Media Department representing the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) in receiving the award as 1 of the 50 organizations certified as a universally accessible website of the year 2023. Out of all the 121 entries submitted under the revision of Prof. Wisit Wisitsora-at - Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) as the chairperson of the opening ceremony held by the Office of National Digital Economy and Society (ONDE) to generate motivation and raise awareness among the public and private sectors to create websites that are accessible to all in complying with the 13 features of a Universally accessible website with a testing program along with being under direct inspection by people with disabilities.  


Mr. Anupong said access to information, knowledge, and services through various websites or applications has become much more convenient. However, there are still people in some other parts of society who are still unable to access these digital platforms without difficulties e.g. the blinds, the partial blinds and the deaf, etc., causing even greater inequality and widening up the gap in digital information access. Nevertheless, Thai PBS is fully aware of the impact of the ‘Digital Divide’, prioritizing the support of equal access and utilization of technology for people with disabilities, development to overcome barriers, and encouraging professional development to better understand the process for Thai PBS website design coherently with the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure equal access for the elderlies, people with disabilities, and the peripheralized, similarly to the general public.


Additionally, Mr. Anupong added that “Thai PBS is determined to maintain its position as a trust-worthy media under the core concept ‘Public Media, the People-centric value’”; by prioritizing impartial and credible information presented along with providing a public space for content leading to seeking resolutions of societal issues together, including  being a space for people to access knowledge, information, and edutainment with clear understanding equally.” With the ever-changing digital media landscape that allows diverse multiple access to media, hence other than Thai PBS would develop a website that supports inclusive, universal access for all, we top it up with content development and hybrid technology that innovates media for vulnerable groups of audiences for example;

- Big Sign Service with a more prominent and more visible sign language interpretation window than ever

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News Audio Service

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Thai PBS Podcast

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