Thai PBS won 2 Awards from the Issara Amantakul Foundation and Thai Journalist Association on Thai Journalists Day

Thai PBS World received the Outstanding News Photography Award and Outstanding Nature and Environmental Conservation News Award from the 2023 Issara Amantakul Awarding Ceremony at the Eastin Grand Hotel, Phayathai, Bangkok.

On World Journalists Day - March 5th, 2024, the Issara Amantakul Foundation and the Thai Journalist Association (TJA) awarded Thai PBS the Issara Amantakul awards for Outstanding News in Print and Online Media formats category, Outstanding News Photography for Print and Online Media category, and the award for Outstanding Nature and Environmental Conservation News by the Environmental Journalists Club for the year 2023. This year, Thai PBS received 2 awards as follow;

  1. The Outstanding Nature and Environmental Conservation News for the news 'Transboundary Pollution' by Miss Narisara Kiniman, Thai PBS World Center, Thai PBS.
    To Watch Transboundary Pollution in Nan Province, click 
  2. The category for Online Media News Photography Award went to the photo ‘Out with the Old, In with the New’ - Photographed by Mr. Suphanut Ratthanathanaprasan, Digital Media Center, Thai PBS

The photograph was taken on September 29, 2023, at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters during the farewell ceremony for the 13th National Police Commissioner. The ceremony was attended by senior commanders of the Royal Thai Police Headquarters and police officials, all gathered to bid farewell to the 13th National Police Commissioner.

"Transboundary Pollution" is a work on natural conservation and environmental news that creates a space for mutual learning among various sectors involved leading to collaboration in solving transboundary pollution problems, opening spaces for vulnerable groups, and communicating risk information and the impact on communities to outsiders. This facilitates communication between people in the community, stakeholders, and the external society, culminating in a process of collective knowledge creation between experts and community members, there is an understanding of pollution from power plants that can create a community-based information and knowledge system used for health monitoring. Thai PBS World recognizes the importance of these issues, hence, it conducted field data collection alongside researchers 2-3 times, collecting fish samples from natural water sources, sediment, water samples, soil, leaves, and hair from community members. This also involved discussions and surveys during the times when the wind blows towards Thailand and when it blows towards Laos. Laboratory tests were conducted for comparison, to communicate the factual situations to society, and to support the development of a self-monitoring system for the community. This leads to the development of community self-monitoring tools and becomes an important health database for the future.

The work "Transboundary Pollution" from Thai PBS World, an English-language news service operated by Thai PBS, won the award for outstanding natural conservation and environmental news. Narisara Kiniman, the editor of Thai PBS World, represented Thai PBS to receive the award from Udomdej Ketkaew, the vice president of the Environmental Journalist Club, who presented the award.