Thai PBS Documentary on Urban Poor Wins Award

A news documentary reflecting the life of Thailand’s urban poor produced by Thai PBS has won the prestigious Nataraj Award.
“Unseen Yaowaraj” is part of a news documentary series that explores the life of poor and underprivileged people living in various quarters of cities in Thailand. The award was given out on September 7 by the Radio-Television Broadcasting Professional Confederation, an organization representing broadcast media professionals.
The series is designed to counter the myth that poverty results from poor people’s indolence. It reflects the impact of social and economic inequality that is the root cause of poverty for many families living in urban areas.
“Unseen Yaowaraj” takes a look at the life of a 62-year-old man from the northeastern province of Surin who has been doing odd jobs all his life to support his family which lives in a ramshackle house in Bangkok’s famous Chinatown. Their misery remains hidden behind the usually noisy and bustling commercial center.