Thai PBS - ABU ASEAN Documentary Co-production Creative workshop

The Creative workshop for Thai PBS - ABU ASEAN Documentary Co-production was held on July 11-12, 2022, at the Thai PBS head office in Bangkok. The workshop, which was moderated by Ken-ichi Imamura, Executive Producer from NHK Enterprise, covered fundamental aspects of documentary producing, case studies and brainstorming sessions.

Thai PBS - ABU ASEAN Documentary Co-production Project, initiated by Thai PBS and ABU, aims to promote mutual learning and capacity building among participating media organizations. It is also designed to help create ASEAN media networking and working relationships for future cooperation and to heighten mutual understanding of ASEAN cultures, values, and perspectives among audiences in the participating countries.

Project themes are aspirations and inspirations of the ASEAN new generation (Millennials and Gen Z) covering areas of lifestyles, social point of view, start-ups, and the role of young ASEAN citizens on social contribution.

The 6-episode documentary features 6 stories of people from the young generation in Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Media organizations participating in the documentary are

Lao National Television (EP: Inheritor)
Cambodia National Television (EP: Junlen Girl)
Vietnam Television: (EP: Towards the Sun)
MediaPrima Malaysia (EP: Kicking of the Lemoi Dream)
Rekam Indonesia: (EP: Light from the beach)
Thai PBS: (EP: Growth)

The Creative Workshop was successful and engaging as participants took turns giving feedback on each other’s stories while the overall picture of the co-production as a 6-episode documentary has been conjugated. Toward the end of the workshop, after learning thoroughly about the storyline of all 6 episodes, the members mutually agreed to name the documentary’ We Are the Zs’ to reflect the theme within all 6 episodes’ contents. ‘We Are the Zs’ is scheduled to air in all 6 ASEAN countries in 2023.