Thai PBS Reaches 12th Anniversary and Steps into the 13th Year

On 15th January 2020, Thai PBS celebrated its 12th anniversary and moving towards its 13th year in 2021 with “6 Goals & 3 Core Agenda”

In the celebration event, Prof. Dr. Wilasinee Phiphitkul, the Director-General of Thai PBS, gave a warm welcome to guests before summarizing into an action plan Thai PBS has been using for 12 years and presented the organization strategy which is the key focus areas and expected outcomes in 2020. The expected outcomes, to highlight Thai PBS’s mission and make Thai PBS’s platform more accessible to audiences, are the following 6 Goals;

1. To delve the news deeply, accurately and comprehensively
2. To make creative programs and foster quality people
3. To bring innovation and extend more platform especially social network
4. To create sustainable learning area
5. To optimize the organization's Integrity and Transparency standards to be above the NACC's ITA requirement
6. To elevate the space for citizen journalism and strengthen the collaboration

In addition, the key focus area to trigger the social changes are called the 3 core agenda which are as follow;

1. Waste management under the campaign “World Without Waste”
2. Living debt-free by applying the concept of Sufficiency Economy
3. Decentralization to strengthen the local communities