Board of Governors’ Policies 2019

To conform with rapidly changed media landscape and to achieve Thai PBS’ s performance effectively. The Board of Governor members all agree to announce the Board of Governors’ policies 2019as follows:


1. Content and Presentation
Developing outstanding content based on body of knowledge and having cooperation of all networks and integrating all platforms by focusing on online media.


2. Structure and Human Resources Development
Adjusting structure and working to be concise efficiently and developing employees to have appropriate paradigms and skills for changed tasks and setting salary conforming with their abilities and performances.


3. Transformation
Driving quality and ethical social transformations to be the school for society to support people’s lifelong learning, sustainable development as well as peace communication.


4. Participation
Increased participation for audience council, associate network and general public in defining policies of news and TV program presentation, operational monitoring of Thai PBS as well as expanding user base.


5. Partnership
Cooperating with a person, government and private agencies, civil society and community based on public benefit and independent operation of public media.


6. Database
Creating database system designate for usage in management systems, comprehensive and in-depth news and TV program presentations and accessible to the general public.


7. Evaluation
Developing measuring tools for quality and social impact assessment compatible with the objectives and aim of Public Media to be publicly recognized besides estimating the financial returns.


8. Risk management
Having risk management plans dealing with both internal and external risk.